2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report: IDL Isaiahh Loudermilk

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Wisconsin defensive lineman Isaiahh Loudermilk leaves the Badgers program having served as a multi-year starter at defensive end for the team. Loudermilk offers the kind of size and extension skills that simply can’t be taught to defenders; his looming frame with grab your attention as a potential developmental prospect to play along the line and he’s almost sure to get a look because of his size. But Loudermilk, despite his experience playing in the Big Ten as a multi-year starter, lacks appeal in leverage, power, pass-rush ability, and as an overall player; he’s more of a project than he is a plug-and-play defender. But with that in mind, teams who are willing to acquire young talent and invest coaching into them for several years will likely be keen on giving him a shot, making Loudermilk a candidate to get a look from organizations that are stereotypically high-stability environments. There, a long-term development plan can be put in place with a higher likelihood of seeing it through to him becoming a viable rotational defensive lineman. 

Ideal Role: 4i/5-tech DE.

Scheme Fit: Two-gapping defensive front.

Written by: Kyle Crabbs

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Written By:

Kyle Crabbs

Founder and Director of Scouting

Kyle Crabbs is the Founder and Director of Scouting for The Draft Network. Prior to his time with TDN, Kyle worked for seven years as the founder of his own third-party scouting service, NDT Scouting. Providing media coverage and also consultation services for agencies, Crabbs penned an annual NFL Draft Prospectus featuring 300+ player profiles on an annual basis from 2014-2020. Crabbs is currently the co-host of the Draft Dudes podcast with fellow TDN scout Joe Marino and helps coordinate TDN's national scouting effort.