5 Standouts From Day 1 Of Senior Bowl Practices

Day 1 standouts are sick, because it's our first exposure to these players, as we have more than a few mediums through which we get to interact with them. We get our official feelings on their frames, their size; how they interview and handle themselves; and finally, how they look in the first day of practice.

As such, you'll get my 5 from this perspective: players who I thought were strong over the entirety of the day -- not just in the practices, during the interviews, or on the scale.

1. Donald Parham, TE, Stetson

Big day of wins for the small school prospect, who came in a towering 6-foot-8, with a 7-foot wingspan and 10" hands. Those measurables are inhuman; irregular; super-duper exciting. Parham's frame is by no stretch of the imagination filled out, and teams could look to stack on a couple season's worth of weight and try to play him around 265+ pounds, which he has the size to carry.

They could also choose instead to keep him lean and run him as a flex wideout, which Parham told me he was most comfortable with during the interview portion of today. Parham's clearly excited to be here, and even if he feels a little out of his depth, he did well in the media scrums. For example: When I asked Parham what the worst part of being 6-foot-8 is, he responded: "Getting there. Growing sucks."

And finally, on the field, as my illustrious colleague Brad asked: "Why is there a gazelle wearing a Stetson helmet on the field right now?" Parham is a silky mover who can address the football outside of his frame, and presents a strong profile after the catch. Explosive in a straight line, as well. He's drawing eyes early.

2. Charles Omenihu, iDL, Texas

Dude just has a swagger to him, man. Ledyard went up and interviewed him a bit and love the confidence with which he approached his game. Omenihu has reason to be confident -- dude was sickening on the practice field today. His combination of length and natural power showed up regularly during 1 v. 1 drills, as he put a great player in

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Michael Deiter in the dirt this afternoon.


Now Omenihu didn't come into the weigh in at the 6-foot-7 he was rumored to be at one time, but 274 pounds and 36" arms? Those will absolutely do the trick. Omenihu projects best at the 5-tech position in the NFL -- a DE who can two-gap against the run -- and that's a role he likes playing a lot. Teams will move him around with success, though -- he can rush from anywhere.

3. Montez Sweat, EDGE, Mississippi State

You've likely already heard a fair bit about Sweat, who is a dominant player at college who came into the Senior Bowl as likely the best player. Tough to call him a stand out when he's been standing out all year, but I want to acknowledge his tremendous day.

Sweat is a body-beautiful type of player. Stacked in the lower half, to illustrate power and explosiveness. Long limbs to disrupt and challenge offensive linemen's length as a pass-rusher. Built in the upper body fight power with power and deliver body blows. His numbers -- 6-foot-6, 253 pounds, 35 1/2" arms -- are great, but even they don't illustrate just how wonderful he looked on the eye test.

The dominance translated to the field. Sweat beat up on smaller school competition like Oli Udoh and Tytus Howard, showcasing his length and power. Sweat has tremendous timing as a pass rusher, and knows how to line up his targets to hit them when they're at their most vulnerable. Just a technically sound dude.

4. Andy Isabella, WR, UMass

Any interview is a win when you get the opportunity to claim you're running a 4.26 -- which is exactly what Isabella did today during his podium availability. Isabella was a big media draw, who did a great job making it clear that he can athletically hang with the bigger school guys he'll be playing with.

Now, his measurements on the scale stood out in a...not great way. He's 5-foot-8 and 186, with hands under 9" and arms under 30" -- but when you type his body, you see great size in the lower half for his frame. Dude has quads on quads, and it translates into his explosiveness; but he's still so fluid despite his mass. His lower half impressed, even if his numbers fell a little flat.

And again on the field, Isabella impressed. In pure 1-on-1 drills, the advantage goes to the WR, and Isabella used his quickness and route manipulation to regularly uncover and present an easy target. Small hands, but consistent catcher -- and he can really fly in a straight line. Guys like Hunter Renfrow are fun, but the real slot that interests in this Senior Bowl crop is Isabella.

5. Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston

I wasn't able to get Johnson in the interviews, and I'm sorry about that: interesting player who swapped to corner late in his Houston career and has a great outlook on life.

But that said, we're here to watch 'em ball, and Johnson balled today. He locked up Deebo Samuel and David Sills V -- two of the best receivers on his South squad -- with ease. Length, foot speed, and long speed: Johnson has everything you like to see on film to leave in a Cover 3 outside zone and let him run with wideouts. He fits that Seattle mold to a T.

34" arms'll do that, as well as a 6-foot-2 build at over 200 pounds. I was told the Senior Bowl staff expects him to run in the 4.4s, which is absolutely flying for a dude his size. I'm locked in Johnson as my favorite Day 2 corner prospect.

Written By:

Benjamin Solak

Director of Special Projects

Director of Special Projects and Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-host of the Locked On NFL Draft Podcast. The 3-Wide Raven.