Buffalo QB Jackson Aims To Keep Proving People Wrong

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If you ask Buffalo quarterback Tyree Jackson whether or not he was ever going to end his career anywhere other than Buffalo, he'd tell you absolutely not.

"People were asking me if I was going to transfer and I would say 'definitely not,'" Jackson said. "It's one of those things where I love Buffalo. I love what the city did for me. I love all the fans... Everything I do I always say I'm an alum of Buffalo, and I try to carry that pride everywhere I go."

That's why it was so surprising when Jackson's name entered the transfer portal a few weeks ago. When it came to the NFL, entering the portal was a curve ball to some. Was he not confident in himself as an NFL quarterback? If he was, he would have just declared, right?

Well, not exactly, and the story of why he was in the portal was actually for the right reasons.

"It was one of those things where my family wanted me to look at every single option," Jackson said. "They wanted me to hear from the coaches from Buffalo. They wanted me to put my name in the [transfer] portal and see what happened. But after the last game I knew I was going to declare, and they just wanted to make sure that I was 100 percent... I was always going to end up declaring."

Tyree is more than just a 6-foot-7 frame, and he showed that at the podium when he answered the transfer question. After all, playing quarterback is above the shoulders just as much and even more than it is below them. It has to do with how you process things on and off the field. Jackson prides himself with presenting a good front to a team in that area.

"If you're going to be a quarterback and the CEO of an organization, you have to know how to handle yourself off the field," Jackson said. "I feel like up to this point I've done a great job at that and I'm going to continue to do that."

But the frame does matter, and with Jackson's big frame comes a big arm -- literally. Jackson embraces the big quarterback narrative. He knows that there is a negative connotation that comes with having a big frame. People think you're just a powerful arm and a mess everywhere else in your game. But Jackson instead looks at what he can do, and for that, he looks to quarterbacks that have come before him with his same mentality.

"I was a big Brett Favre fan, ever since I was a little kid," Jackson said. "That's someone that I always loved to watch."

I think the ability to make all the throws [is my biggest attribute]," Jackson said. "Another attribute that I pride myself in is my film study and my ability to pick things up as far as playbooks go."

Jackson is trying to be the total package. He knows where he ceiling is in the big areas and knows where he needs to work on the little things. He embraces both, and the reason is because he's honest with where he's come from while looking towards to what he can be.

"Growing up I never had a private quarterback coach or someone to work with me," Jackson said. "Getting out there to L.A. with Jordan Palmer have been unbelievable and will help me clean up some mechanical stuff."

Jackson is hoping Senior Bowl Week will be another step in the right direction towards breaking the mold and the narrative that big quarterbacks are all potential and no production.

"I'm just going to keep putting on for my city and keep proving people wrong."

Written By:

Trevor Sikkema

Senior NFL Draft Analyst

Senior NFL Draft Analyst for The Draft Network. Co-Host of the Locked On NFL Draft Podcast.