Video Content: Hunter Renfrow’s Effective Route Running

Photo: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

With just one month until the NFL Draft, the daily film grind has been in effect for awhile now. Personally, I like to let wide receiver evaluations sit and grow in my mind over time, before ultimately circling back and finalizing grades.

That means I’ve recently been watching the wide receivers I had previously scouted and saw at the Senior Bowl, including Hunter Renfrow. The Clemson product is one of my favorite players in the entire draft class, as his floor as a prospect is close to a guarantee. The nuanced route runner has as sure of hands as I’ve seen, making him an easy projection as a slot receiver.

I decided to break down some of his route running reps that I’ve seen on his film, reps that show his full potential in that area as a consistent separator.

Enjoy the breakdown!