Ben Powers

IOL, Oklahoma

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #72
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB --
  • WT 314 lbs




    Run Blocking - Has notable limitations in both zone and man blocking. Lacks the foot speed and fluidity to be consistent in zone and doesn’t possess elite power as a drive blocker in man. Does well to place his hands but can be delayed in unlocking his hips and accelerating his feet. Tenacious worker to move bodies but he often works overtime to do so.

    Pass Blocking - When he’s square, Powers has the ability to stun rushers with his punch and easily absorb contact. Challenges arise in half man when his opponent gets to his edges - that’s where his heavy feet present issues. Is patient and generally operates with good control.

    Blocking in Space - Has some success climbing to the second level and sealing linebackers when he can take linear tracks. Plays under control but tight hips and modest athletic ability present challenges to consistently arrive on schedule. Effective trapping and leading into gaps.

    Power - Has a finishers mentality and its clear he wants to put opponents on the ground. That said, his functional strength is only average. He creates adequate mover but I wouldn’t call him dominant at the point of attack. Absorbs power well in face-up situations to set the proper depth of the pocket.

    IQ -  Part of a cohesive unit at Oklahoma that was loaded with NFL talent. Has a good feel for diagnosing pressure packages and responding. There are times he passes off his rusher and can be quicker to look back inside. Generally executes with good timing and remains active through the whistle.

    Feet - Sets a consistently wide base. Foot speed is average at best and it presents challenges when he slides laterally. Would like to see his feet remain more active through contact. Does well to keep himself balanced.

    Hands - Highly successful placing his hands and keeping them fit in the run game. Punch is executed with excellent timing and aim. Has heavy, violent hands that are capable of stunning rushers.

    Balance - Plays within himself, rarely over-extending even when he’s recovering. Operates from a consistently wide set base. Good strength throughout his core to absorb and deliver strikes.

    Versatility - Best projection comes as an offensive guard in a gap-power scheme. I get concerned with his consistency in zone at the next level given his modest mobility. Doesn’t offer position flexibility.

    BEST TRAIT - Hands

    WORST TRAIT - Mobility

    RED FLAGS - None

    From community college to a consensus All-American as a senior at Oklahoma, Powers was part of arguably the best offensive line in college football in 2018. A three-year starter for the Sooners, Powers is technically sound with excellent hand usage. He has the mean streak desired for an interior blocker and functions with good awareness. With that said, Powers has ordinary traits in terms of power and mobility which limit his next level projection. He has a role in the NFL, but likely as a replacement level starter or backup.

    Round Grade - Fifth Round Value