Carl Granderson

EDGE, Wyoming

  • Conf Mountain West - Mountain
  • Jersey #91
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 12/18/2001
  • WT 255 lbs





    First Step Quickness –He's fairly stale here, doesn't offer a lot of spring or a lot of juice when needed to drive and attack from the line of scrimmage. He can offer a little more when he's given a little room to build up momentum (slants or stunts) to get a rolling start into his charge. 

    Hand Technique/Length – He has some variety here. Like his effort in sweeping to disengage his chest and clear his frame. There's a lot more to be gained by syncing up his first punch to really offset the blocker, will give him much more margin for error in lateral disengagement. 

    Pass Rush Counters – He can't win with consistency around the edge, he's simply too stiff. He'll have to win with angle reduction, which he can do with a nice long arm when he's timed his hands up well. Think more power rusher when looking to develop his underdeveloped arsenal. 

    Flexibility – Stiffer then you'd hope for, especially from a player who doesn't inspire with his tight alignment work. There's some restriction here, not just in lateral bend but in run fits and getting himself situated at the line of scrimmage; he's got high pads too often.  

    Run Defending – Doesn't set a very authoritative edge, first contact and leverage are both key issues that he's going to need to iron out for more consistency. He'd definitely benefit for starting alignments here with natural leverage on the OT (wide angle). 

    Competitive Toughness –Would classify his play strength as a plus but it isn't a liability...issues stem more from issues with stun punch vs. his actual physical limitation in this regard. He'll get roped in against blockers in tight quarters and get stuck on the block. 

    Tackling – Has a notable wingspan and will do well to wrap up anyone who comes into his general vicinity if he's uncovered. His closing burst will eliminate efforts to work off the back side of the play and crash with effectiveness. He can get frozen one on one on the edge. 

    Lateral Mobility – Not the most fleet of foot when he's looking to work laterally along the LOS. He has build up speed as a stunting defender, not necessarily dynamic or sudden in these spaces. Will be better served to be set up with advantageous angles immediately. 

    Stand Up Ability –He navigates the pocket pretty when when he's asked to be a weapon from the inside. Athleticism isn't going to inspire when used outside the numbers as a space defender but he's got no extra restrictions with his release or his run fits to play forward from a stand-up position.  

    Football IQ – There's some basics we're going to have to vet and there's some deeper level stuff that escapes him, like setting up his rushes and offering more variety with his hands. Small school kid who will have a steel adjustment in the pros. 

    BEST TRAIT – Length

    WORST TRAIT – Flexibility

    BEST FILM – Missouri (2018)

    WORST FILM – Washington State (2018)

    RED FLAGS – 2016 ACL tear

    Carl Granderson projects as a depth player at the NFL level. He possesses the necessary measurables to play a prominent role, but there are gaps between his stature and his play that are difficult to account for. He lacks the necessary power to be a true edge setter in the run game and he's not creative enough to win as a pass rusher if his first challenge doesn't pass through. As a result, Granderson will be hard to peg in a starting lineup without high powered rushers around him.

    Round Grade - Sixth Round