Charles Omenihu

IDL, Texas

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #90
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'6''
  • DOB N/A
  • WT 275 lbs





    First Step Quickness –When able to coil into a front-loaded stance is able to produce some notable burst off of the line of scrimmage. Has irregular results when tasked with timing up the snap count and bursting off of the LOS on non-obvious passing downs.

    Hand Technique/Length – Placement is irregular, resulting in frustrating lapses in play. Can be walled off with ease if caught with hands low and without ability to extend and stack. Block disengagement techniques are often soft and ineffective in efforts to get hands off of the frame.

    Pass Rush Counters –Counters are inconsistent but has shown awareness and implementation of several key counters, specifically bull rushes, rip/club and rip/dip combos. Powerful frame can be potent when aligned effectively and in position to generate power through the hands.

    Flexibility –Is especially tight as an edge rusher when looking to take on offensive tackles on deeper pass sets. Does not have the mobility to play with feet extended from underneath the hips, causing issues to tilt and carry leverage and or speed through steep angles.

    Run Defending –If able to establish a clean fit with the hands has been very effective in stacking blockers and subsequently pulling them off of their set. Hands, from an established position, are powerful. Has two gap ability with length when tasked with playing in the B-gap in primary run downs.

    Competitive Toughness –Too many reps end with him knocked on his back, will get collapsed if unable to establish a firm hand set on blockers. Has the needed physical stature to be a monster presence along the LOS but technical inconsistencies rob him of the natural anchor he provides.

    Tackling –Has a terrific tackle radius thanks to sizable wingspan, prominent presence at the line of scrimmage to extend and grab a piece of the ball carrier. Will flatten down the line of scrimmage or get width effectively to challenge plays when tasked with scraping.

    Lateral Mobility –Has a modest amount of range when looking to widen the play and string out runs as an interior defender. Lateral quickness and short area ability to duck back inside is not especially strong, but has the needed length to still play with notable influence along the line.

    Stand Up Ability –Maybe dropped one time in coverage in five games. Is a tried and true down lineman. Is not going to offer a lot of successful pass rush reps from wider angles and won't have the short area quickness to flash across the face of a blocker and accelerate through a gap.

    Football IQ –Still feeling his way through consistency with his hands and ability to react to offensive looks. Can be slow to transition out of initial read steps and fit before hoping to transition into ball pursuit or gap penetration, which can limit his impact of the game in stretches.

    BEST TRAIT – Length

    WORST TRAIT – Flexibility

    BEST FILM – Maryland (2018)

    WORST FILM – Oklahoma (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Charles Omenihu projects favorably as a base 4-3 defensive end in an even front. Omenihu has the needed length, power and hand pop to be a stout run defender and modest pass rusher in a starting role, however his hand usage needs to show improvement in accuracy and violence if he is to maximize his tight angled reps against blockers on the edge.