Colton Jackson

OT, Arkansas

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #74
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'6''
  • DOB 09/05/1996
  • WT 298 lbs


    PROS: Excellent size and athleticism. Smooth mover who is able to mirror speed up the arc. Not perfect, but he has shown the ability to vary his set points and gain significant ground in his kickstep. Strong inside hand to stop counters.

    Light on his feet and can mirror rushers attempting to manipulate him with fakes. Excellent mental processor to pick up stunts and twists. Vicious snatch move with inside arm to club an opponent to the ground. Good level of nasty to his game.

    Movement skills in the run game are a strength. Technique isn’t perfect, but gets out of his stance and covers ground to the second level. Knows when to get down and cut in the horizontal run game. Pulls are his ideal usage in the run game, does a good job targeting and latching in space. Could be a great OZ fit with some cleaner footwork.

    CONS: Will miss the first several games of the season due to back surgery this summer. Hands get too wide in the run game, giving up his chest and struggling to control reps. Pad level can swell too often. Not a people mover up front. Has to get his helmet playside with more urgency to hit reach blocks.

    Biggest two issues in pass protection are poor strike placement and worse body posture. Gets over-extended and push-pulled or ripped through too easily. Core strength needs to improve. Lighter tackle who can get knocked back by power when he doesn’t land his punch. Has the range to hit deeper set points, but needs more consistency in finding the proper points and adjusting them off the snap.