Connor McGovern

IOL, Penn State

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #66
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 11/03/1997
  • WT 320 lbs



    Functional Athleticism -Moves really well out of the blocks. Like his mobility and quickness to climb the ladder and get onto the second level. Might be one of the best pullers in the class from a cleanliness perspective. Possesses adequate short area lateral mobility.

    Football IQ - Biggest area of concern is with twists, stunts and blitzes; he sometimes gets tunnel vision and doesn't pick up action all too briskly. Awareness in RPO and play action can lead to fringe illegal man down-field penalties.

    Anchor Ability - He's pretty stout when he's able to set his hands. That said, he catches at times and that yields him getting pushed back at first contact. His core strength will bail him out a lot but he'll have less wiggle room at the next level.

    Hand Technique - Can be late on the trigger and as a result gives up a clean chest to blockers on too many occasions. That said, I really like his hand power and ability to push guys around. He shows great grip strength and can yank people out of gaps with ease.

    Balance - Gets out over the top of his toes too much and doesn't really show a lot of discipline to stay sitting atop his hips. He lets his feet narrow too much trying to run feet and will spin off of blocks, so this is an area of focus for going forward.

    Pass Sets - Still a little rough around the edges. Would like to see better sense of awareness for timing his hands. Is a short-setter and likes to catch guys head up before bowing his back and trying to anchor. Shows good recollect when hopping into his anchor.

    Flexibility -Swervy hips. He's got no issues at all with hinging and pivoting out of his stance to get width. Shows good hip mobility in his stance to stay low and come out the ball with force. Like his ability to work over the top of defenders at the POA.

    Power at POA - He makes life hard on himself when trying to stay attached to a block, he spins off too easily. But when he keeps his feet set and establishes a wide base he has a lot of success with uprooting and finishing defenders to clear space.

    Length/Extension - Doesn't have exceptional length and doesn't show great results to stay cleanly framed on blocks when he's forced to play at the end of his leash. Does have adequate extension strike power when he's queued up his punch properly.

    Competitive Toughness - He'll get after dudes up front. Like his tendency to ride defenders into the dirt and finish with authority when he's uprooted their feet and feels the first sign of give. His athleticism gives him a leg up over a lot of the competition.

    BEST TRAIT - Functional Athleticism

    WORST TRAIT - Hand Technique

    BEST FILM - Kentucky (2018)

    WORST FILM - Michigan (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    Connor McGovern definitely profiles as an eventual starting OG in the NFL, I'm just not sold he can do so at a high level immediately. With great functional athleticism and effective functional strength,, McGovern possesses the foundation needed to be a quality player. But hand timing issues and balance work still rear their heads in his tape and make him more of a three year window to peak as a pro vs. being a plug and play starter immediately from Day 1.