Dalton Risner

OT, Kansas State

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #71
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 300 lbs





    PROS: Pass protection is as consistent and sturdy as they come. Positive technique in pass sets with good pace and explosiveness. Aware and experience, will allow defenders to overrun arc and easily ride them too deep into the backfield. Easily processes stunts and will power down against inside moves. Strong anchor, will give minimal ground even against linebackers blitzing from depth. Stonewalls bull rushes. Violent initial punch with incredible power in his upper body.

    Mobility in slide protections will give him projections into a variety of schemes. Lateral quickness allows him to easily reach in the run game. Strong latch onto defenders allows him to drives them off the spot. Dominant on double teams, using his physicality and leg drive to move defensive lineman. Finds holes as a puller, reacting well and sifting through bodies. Flashes of dominance as a puller when he can build up speed and open gaps. Loose hips and mobility allow him to position his frame and force defensive ends through him. Immediately works to replace hands and run defensive lineman off as they attempt to block destruct.

    CONS: Though Risner is generally able to drive defenders in the run game, he is susceptible to the late shed when defenders can work through counters. His effort is there to clean this up, but longer defensive lineman have had more success keeping Risner's physicality at bay.

    Steady and mobile in pass protection, but get the sense that he is not an elite athlete and will be a bit older upon entering the NFL. Like a plug and play right tackle at the next level who may take bumps and bruises as he adjusts to the athleticism of NFL edges.