Daniel Helm

TE, Duke

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Coastal
  • Jersey #80
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB --
  • WT 255 lbs


    Routes - Appears to know how to attack coverage and make adjustments on the fly. Fairly smooth accelerator that does well to bend his routes and set up route breaks. Not overly twitchy or quick but he deploys deceptive movements to try and sell routes. He isn’t dynamic and separation quickness is lacking. Got open primarily by scheme.

    Hands - Has a fairly high drop rate and his hands aren’t as sturdy as they need to be. Flashes the ability to hang on through contact and extend but there appears to be some coordination and hand alignments issues that lead to drops.

    Ball Skills - Has proven able to make catches in a crowd although most of his targets are in non-contested situations. Does well to establish his frame and he can elevate to extend his catch radius. Appears to make good adjustments.

    YAC Ability - He can get the available yards but there is nothing dynamic about his ability to create post-catch. Easily gets chopped down as a ball carrier and he lacks the acceleration to break pursuit angles.

    Play Speed - Hasn’t proven to be a vertical, seam-busting threat which makes sense given his lack of speed. Unlikely to be a factor after the catch to rip off chunks of yardage due to below average burst.

    Play Strength - He’s fairly sturdy at the catch point and as a route runner to not get bumped off his spot. With that said, base defensive ends easily plug him back into the c-gap. Contact power at the point of attack is underwhelming.

    In-line Blocking - Doesn’t project favorably on account of modest functional strength. Does play with good leverage and works to establish his hands, but defensive ends routinely set firm edges against him.

    Space Blocking - He competes and works hard to take advantage of angles and seal pursuit. Can be too patient when collapsing. Often late with his hands and defenders easily dispose of him en route to the football.

    Versatility - Features a basic skill and doesn’t stand out in any one area with pedestrian athletic ability. Competes hard, but there are restrictions that don’t suggest he will be dynamic in any role.

    BEST TRAIT - Ball Skills

    WORST TRAIT - Physical Upside

    RED FLAGS - None

    A Tennessee transfer, Helm has found modest production for Duke aside from his contributions as a versatile blocker. When projecting him to the next level, Helm lacks upside in any role. While he competes hard as a blocker, a lack of functional strength and technical deficiencies doesn’t translate well to exchanging power in the trenches in the NFL. His pedestrian athletic ability and variance with his hands restrict his ceiling as a receiver. Helm will need to prove his value on special teams to stick and land a role as a reserve tight end.

    Round Grade - UDFA