David Edwards

OT, Wisconsin

  • Conf Big Ten - West
  • Jersey #79
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'7"
  • DOB --
  • WT 319 lbs



    Run Blocking - Has some heaviness in his hands to create an initial jolt, but he has a bad tendency to over-extend and fall off blocks. Lower body is often well behind the upper body, robbing him of control and functional strength. Tight hips and heavy feet make lateral reach and down blocks a challenge.

    Pass Blocking - Often fails to get depth and width in his kickslide. Base narrows and he’s a waste bender which compromises his anchor. Opens his hips early which invites rushers into the b-gap. Tall in his pass sets.

    Blocking in Space - Has success as a vertical blocker when he can take linear paths. Adjustments to flow leads to him chasing rather than cutting off pursuit. Loose mover in space. Unlikely to arrive on schedule to longer pulls.

    Power - He has natural strength but his technique robs him of power. Narrow base, high pads and waste bending take away from his functional strength. Hands have plenty of pop but his clamps can be broken.

    IQ - He doesn’t have the typical polish we’ve come to expect from Wisconsin blockers throughout the years. Still new to the position so that’s to be expected but the technical side of the game needs considerable growth. Generally illustrates good field awareness, communication and understanding of his responsibilities.

    Feet - Foot speed is underwhelming and his set points are erratic, leading to challenges framing rushers and keeping pace up the arc. Doesn’t build a firmly set base. Issues with waste bending make accelerating and keeping his feet engaged through contact difficult.

    Hands - Powerful strikes stun rushers and create a strong initial jolt in the run game. Too many examples where his clamps get soft at the top of the arc and rushers grease the angle to the quarterback. Has enough strike variance but he’ll need to develop more to overcome some restrictions with tight hips and heavy feet.

    Balance - Notable issues present. Fails to build a sturdy base that too often narrows. Head/shoulders get out in front of his toes and he folds at the waste. Loose mover in space.

    Versatility - All of his starts have come at right tackle. Don’t think he has the strength or leverage to win on the inside. Some assignments in zone run schemes could be problematic. Limited.

    BEST TRAIT - Strike Power

    WORST TRAIT - Balance/Pass Sets

    RED FLAGS - Played through shoulder issue in 2018 then opted for surgery late in the season, missing Wisconsin’s last three games

    A high school quarterback, Edwards began his career at Wisconsin playing tight end and then transitioned to offensive tackle before training camp in 2016. His relative newness to the position is apparent and he lacks the typical polish we’ve come to expect from Badgers’ offensive linemen. While there is some notable power in his frame, his chronic waste-bending, erratic set points in pass protection, tight hips and heavy feet present restrictions. Edwards is a developmental project, that has some upside given his lack of experience at the position but there is major growth needed.

    Round Grade - Late Day 3 Value