Derrick Baity

CB, Kentucky

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #8
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB --
  • WT 186 lbs



    Man Cover Skills –Has nice flashes in press man. Like how physical he can be at the line of scrimmage to re-route and get receivers off their spot. He struggles a bit in transitions and his press footwork opens the door for a free release. Lacks long speed. 

    Zone Cover Skills –He could play C-3 zone as a deep third defender but he doesn't showcase great ball skills or anticipation...he's better reacting to flashing hands than he is trying to break on routes and shade between layered concepts. 

    Feet/Change of Direction –Feet are messy, both at the line of scrimmage and in his backpedal as he is trying to stay leveraged over the route. Instead, he's often too unbalanced and has a poor habit of letting feet narrow, he'll be handcuffed and hard to shift weight as a result. 

    Ball Skills –He's more reactive to the hands of receivers than he is a big ball skills guy. He plays through the hands well and has broken up several passes at the last minute as a result but he isn't one to ID the ball with his back to it. 

    Flexibility –There's a clear labor as he looks to open himself vertically and open hips 180 degrees. He's not super stiff and he's got some dynamic hops and mobility, so his issues appear often to be related to his technique and footwork more than actual tightness. 

    Acceleration –He doesn't have great long speed, despite some favorable testing numbers to insinuate explosiveness. Instead, he labors greatly when he's flipping his hips up the field to carry vertical stems and can give up notable separation. 

    Zone Spacing – He doesn't have great lateral quickness, nor ideal length and wingspan to influence a larger areas of the field in shallow zone. He does well vertically to stay leveraged but doesn't have great click and close quickness to break on the ball. 

    Competitive Toughness –When he is disciplined at the line, he's hard to work out of the blocks against. He's physical with hand fighting but he's also a bit overanxious with his hands at times. He's not superb as a tackler and doesn't win at the catch point with the frequency you'd like. 

    Run Support –Would like to see him be more assertive attacking the edge and getting into the action sooner. He doesn't have great length to press receivers off his frame but he's got the plenty strength necessary to toss blockers around. 

    Tackling –He's not very enthusiastic to step forward and challenge vs. the run. He is much better working to the catch point to wrap and ensure he's finished a play rather than concede YAC. But he'll leave something to be desired on the edge as a run killer. 

    PROSPECT COMPARISON - Blidi Wreh-Wilson

    BEST TRAIT – Ball Skills

    WORST TRAIT – Long Speed

    BEST FILM –  Texas A&M (2018)

    WORST FILM – Mississippi State (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Derrick Baity is a scheme specific prospect who has some likable traits to project into a press man situation at the next level. Baity's footwork and punch need focus to ensure he's not conceding free releases, yet there's something about his reps when he's able to stay clean that offers promise of what could be if he got it consistent.. Baity isn't very scheme diverse and his value may be mitigated as a result of his limitations. 

    Round Grade - Seventh Round