Drew Lock

QB, Missouri

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #3
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB 11/10/1996
  • WT 225 lbs




    Arm Accuracy –Struggles throwing with accuracy over the middle of the field. Needs to develop a better sense of touch passing to not let throws aimed over a body at the LOS to sail and miss high. Best placement throws are typically back shoulder tosses to the sideline.

    Decision Making –Has some awful lapses of judgment when playing under pressure. Can look lost at times dropping back, locking into first read and will pull the trigger anyway. Ball security in games against top competition has been a big sore spot.

    Progressions –Is slow to move his eyes across the field of play. Visibly caught processing and needs ample time to see a receiver uncover to be sure, otherwise likes to test tight man coverage and attempt to throw his receivers open despite lack of leverage.

    Anticipation –Has sporadic flashes of spot throws and ability to release the ball before receivers are out of their break but by and large is reliant on seeing his target uncover in order to feel comfortable. Is late on too many throws as a result.

    Poise –Is woefully bad under pressure. Will require excellent interior protection in order to protect him from high risk decisions and throws. Has minimal plan for handling pass rush. Does well to keep eyes down the field looking for targets but shows poor spatial awareness in doing so.

    Arm Strength –Has ample strength to push and drive the ball. Capable of forcing throws through tight creases and eeking a pass in when needed. Ball arrives at the target with plenty of zip, defenders breaking late on passes will struggle to get home in time to challenge.

    Pocket Awareness –Drifts away from the line of scrimmage and fades off his back foot when throwing into the face of pressure. Has to be better at climbing the pocket and forcing missed rush angles by going forward. Too often misses free running blitzers in protection.

    Mechanics –Can be a bit lazy with his release and as a result ball will spray all over the field when trying to place. When able to get on top of the ball is able to generate some beautiful tosses, specifically when he's in rhythm dropping out of the snap and throwing on time to first reads.

    Footwork –Gets happy feet under pressure, will drift on his drop as the first sensation of pressure and therefore be misaligned when trying to throw in rhythm. Has to gather himself more quickly and be more conscious of weight distribution on quick set throws.

    Mobility –Has a modest ability to pull the ball down and pick up gains on the ground. Isn't going to win any foot races but is pretty effective when seeing a lane to pick up a head of steam and generate some chunk gains when defense has their back to the pocket in man coverage.

    PLAYER COMPARISON - Paxton Lynch

    BEST TRAIT – Arm Strength

    WORST TRAIT – Decision Making

    BEST FILM – Purdue (2018)

    WORST FILM – Auburn (2017)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Missouri QB Drew Lock projects most favorably in a vertical passing offense. His limitations under duress make him a developmental prospect, he will need notable improvement in his composure under pressure and his throwing mechanics in tight spaces if he's ever to reach his ceiling as a player. Physically gifted but underdeveloped mentally.