Foster Moreau


  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #84
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 05/06/1997
  • WT 255 lbs




    Route-Running - Simple route tree that required very few hard cuts or complicated patterns. Geared down at the top of routes and wasn’t a tough cover most of the time in man. Deceptive footwork is minimal. Lots of seams or curls. Hung up on contact at top of routes too often, few examples of press coverage or chips at the line surprising him. False steps out of his stance as a flexed receiver and is late off the ball from an in-line position.

    Ball Skills - Mostly simple catches, but rarely drops the football and has made some decent adjustments to balls not right on the money at times. Unafraid to go over the middle and finish. Strong hands and good catch radius expand the throwing window. Lack of opportunity to make tough catches make it hard to predict how he’ll translate in a situation where he receives more usage.

    Speed - Has the speed to get down the seam and work over top of linebackers. Doesn’t always unleash his wheels, but in brief glimpses you can see his acceleration and ability to run away from defenders.

    Run Blocking - Really competes as a run blocker, fires off the ball and looks for blood. Aggressive tendencies lead to over-extension and falling off blocks far too often. Lacks the size and strength to create much movement despite his demeanor. Can get rag-dolled and tossed on the ground. At his best sealing off force defenders from inside rush lanes, getting his hips pointed to the sideline and staying flat-backed with a wide base. Misses in space too often to be considered reliable. Drops his eyes with contact pending as a blocker. Few instances in his tape where he caught and finished a defensive back with authority.

    Contested Catch - Almost no examples of contested catches in his tape. Targeted heavily underneath and rarely asked to make combat grabs. Size, leaping ability and hand strength project favorably in this area, but lack of experience makes it impossible to give him high marks.

    YAC - Very little to get excited about. Good speed and finishes with physicality, but not a tackle-breaker and not elusive in space at all. Creativity is minimal, wraps up the rock and looks to get what he can in a straight line. Does fight hard to twist and turn for extra yardage.

    Separation Quickness - Only see it in flashes, but good suddenness to alter directions and separate. Rarely saw a lot of man coverage on vertical routes. Lack of nuance really hides his natural ability in this area. Simple route tree and limited usage as a receiver didn’t see him in a lot of man coverage situations.

    Pass Protection - Left in for pass protection a lot, with mostly favorable results. Flat-backed and emphatic with his punch, using his frame well to shield the pocket. Hangs in there against power rushers and pushes speed rushers up the arc. 

    Competitive Toughness - Not the most physically dominant player, but not for lack of trying. Gets after opponents consistently, showing ideal physicality and the nasty edge to finish when he can. Motor is always running hot. Team leader and vocal presence. Few trash-talking moments on the field.

    Athleticism/Size - Not the biggest tight end, but has enough size and good athleticism to suggest some upside for the NFL.

    BEST TRAIT – Athleticism/Size

    WORST TRAIT – Underdeveloped Receiving Abilities

    RED FLAGS – None

    Moreau was utilized heavily as a blocker during his time at LSU, showing excellent effort and physicality despite limited strength and inconsistent technique. He’s not good enough in that area to make it his calling card at the NFL level, but Moreau’s athleticism and strong hands suggest that there may be more production waiting for him as a receiver in the NFL. In order to make that potential a reality, Moreau will have to improve his routes, footwork and finishing ability in tough spots, but there are worse ways to spend a day three pick.

    Round Grade: Late 4th