Isaiah Prince

OT, Ohio State

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #59
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'6"
  • DOB --
  • WT 310 lbs



    Run Blocking - Has the mass, power and mentality to win as a drive blocker and he creates consistent movement in the run game. Heavy hands create a strong initial jolt, he unlocks his hips and accelerates his feet. Leverage can stand to be more consistent.

    Pass Blocking - Generates considerable depth out of his kick slide which helps him frame rushers and protect against two-way rushes. Features outstanding length and its game over for rushers when Prince gets extended. Has a tendency to lean which leads to waste bending and control issues. Must play with better leverage to anchor more firmly.

    Blocking in Space - Must clean up the angles he takes in space to arrive on schedule with better consistency and improve his hit rate. Has good control on the move and his length helps accentuate his range.

    Power - Has good functional power throughout his frame. Like his initial surge when firing off the ball as a run blocker. When his base is set, Prince features a stout anchor. Punch has plenty of pop. Must be more committed to playing with better leverage to not rob himself of play strength.

    IQ - Does not look comfortable passing off assignments and working back. Has shown improvement across three seasons as a starter. Must reduce penalties as he was flagged 17 times in 2018.

    Feet - Can be cleaner. Has some herky-jerky about him with antsy feet. Needs to clean up false steps working into his sets. Adequate foot speed to slide and mirror. Not the most nimble working laterally.

    Hands - Features heavy hands that are held high. With that said, he has a windup that needs fixed which unnecessarily elongates his punch. For a guy with over 35-inch arms, I am surprised how often rushers get into his frame and he doesn’t win with first contact.

    Balance - Antsy on his feet and it takes away from his control with all his wasted movement. Tall in his pas sets with a base that has a tendency to narrow. Will over-extend and lunge, because of his tendency to lean and poorly distribute his weight.

    Versatility -  Has played exclusively at right tackle for Ohio State. Has the foundation of traits available to win on the move, in pass protection and as a run blocker.

    BEST TRAIT - Length

    WORST TRAIT - Wasted Movement/Contro

    RED FLAGS - None

    A three-year starter for Ohio State, Prince has some intriguing tools to work from. His length, functional strength and ability to get depth in his kick slide are likable traits. With that said, he needs to cleanup some body control issues that stem from issues with posture and antsy feet while also operate with better leverage. Prince has developmental appeal and has improved throughout his career for the Buckeyes, but more technical improvements are needed for Prince to stick at the next level.

    Round Grade - Mid/Late Day 3