Jake Hanson

IOL, Oregon

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #55
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 04/29/2001
  • WT 295 lbs



    Functional Athleticism - Pretty smooth mover who utilizes foot quickness and step frequency to work and adjust his angles in space effectively. He's fairly mobile and light on his feet — effectively pivots and peels back against his momentum to contest gap shooters in his area. Light on his feet to climb to the second level and release.

    Football IQ - He's chatty before the snap, does a lot of talking and appears to have quite a bit in calls and protections on his plate. He's fairly savvy with his hands, even if strike placement can be scatter shot. Highly experienced at the college level.

    Anchor Ability - Lower body strength is underwhelming and somewhat problematic as you try to project him into a starter role. Heavy hands and bull rushers can give him fits, yielded collapsed pockets and he doesn't really have the strength in the posterior chain to activate and stall forward push. Reset at the LOS in the backfield too often to ignore.

    Hand Technique - Punch placement is, at times, too wide and further complicates his lack of reach and length. He's pretty effective to rework and find inside positioning as a means of turning defenders out of gaps and staying sticky once he's established himself on the body.

    Balance - He's fairly nimble but can be late to react to flashing or slanting defenders — which results is haphazard reactions and overextending himself to try to get a hand on the penetration. He's fairly nimble in space and on the second level but can be too late to gear down and come to balance to frame LBs.

    Pass Sets - He's at his best in slide protections where he can work in hip to hip relationship with his guards. When he's left in man protection and left without help, he gets overwhelmed fairly quickly by push and will force his quarterback to flush off his spot and look to reset. Think his slide quickness is just fine to pick up blitzers.

    Flexibility - He looks to have the ability to unhinge his hips and work across the face of defenders with some effectiveness. He's got a compact build and condensed frame and shows enough hip drop to stay underneath defenders but doesn't have the most dynamic coil to his frame to transfer explosive o jarring hits.

    Power at POA - Wouldn't expect him to uproot or maul defenders off the block with any level of consistency — he doesn't have the reach or leg drive to sufficiently reset the LOS. If anything, he's too often stacked into the backfield and will force his back to bubble coming out of the mesh point.

    Length - Center exclusive prospect who really doesn't have the range to impact high amounts of ground or cover for false steps or late reactions. He's potent in his wheelhouse with his hands but his margin for error is pretty small given his anatomical reach and wingspan to string out blocks.

    Competitive Toughness - More of a finesse player who will be much more effective if he's left in zone concepts and tasked to steer defenders instead of displacing them against their will and utilizing power components. Wouldn't endorse leaving him on an island in protection, even against nose tackles — he'll be prone to penetration. 


    Best Trait - Football IQ

    Worst Trait - Power at POA

    Best Film - Washington (2019)

    Worst Film - Auburn (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Player Summary - Jake Hanson is a potential low end starter in a zone heavy scheme at the pro level. Hanson has a troubling lack of functional power to his game and as a result must rely on steering defenders out of gaps and using his mobility as a weapon. Heavy handed nose tackles will give him some problems anchoring in the middle of the line and Hanson is ideally a player who isn't left on an island routinely in protection — units that prefer slide protections will help aid his ability in pass pro. 

    Updated: 02/24/2020