Jawaan Taylor

OT, Florida

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #65
  • Class Junior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 334 lbs




    Pass Protection - Ideal foot quickness and body control to cover the edge against speed rushers. If he gets beat on his outside hip, it's usually because someone got into his frame first, not because pure speed was too much for him. Excellent athletic and functional mobility, can slide down hard on inside moves. Solid anchor, but still learning to protect his frame from long arm moves.

    POA Run Blocking - Can open that frontside hip a bit more to gain ground on zone runs. Can struggle reaching 3 techniques without ample help from the guard on the first level. If he grips you up, good luck. Outstanding power and the ability to drive opponents out of gaps. Excellent ability to create torque to push defenders' up the arc on seal blocks. Combo blocks are well-executed and not left hastily.

    Functional Strength - Impressive power in his vice grip hands. Can displace defenders even without proper leverage in the run game. Tough to break his hands when he locks you up, have seen him stone guys with one arm.

    Pass Pro Footwork - Erupts out of his stance with an elite feel for proper range in his set points. Clearly anticipates certain rushes based on the stance and alignment of the defender. Unbelievable balance and smooth footwork to alter set points on the fly or slide back inside on a counter. Almost never off-balance or out of control in his movements. Good luck beating him with speed. Occasionally will get a little eager and overset, exposing an inside rush lane that even he can't lock down when an edge rusher is looking for it off the snap.

    Strike Timing/Placement - Has flashes of being a little bit low and slow with his hands, but punch is deadly when he lands it with good timing. Has the length and power to send a message in pass protection. Vice grips power rushers and inside moves. Literally the place where inside moves go to die, left hand is an absolute wall in pass protection when defenders try to cross his face.

    Never over-extends or lunges in his strikes. Prefers to carry hands low, which occasionally allows a rusher into his chest, but can drop anchor and ward off most power rushes with good hand work. In the run game, can get his hands wide and allow defenders into his frame, although he still does a good job of walling them off. Will control opponents much better with a little more attention to detail in his hand placement as a vertical blocker.

    Leverage - If he can drop his pad level at the line of scrimmage, he'll unlock his natural power and create more movement off the ball. Hands come up and drive from under his opponents' pads, but hips are often a bit too high. Arrives at second level upright and can let linebackers into his pads as a result.

    Space Blocking - Elite body control at the second level. Hits targets on the move with eye-popping agility and an engulfing physique. Hands can get a bit wide, will have to watch holding calls in NFL. Rarely misses a second level target and has the athleticism to run them out of the play if they try to work around him. As a puller, needs to throttle down a bit more and find his moving target on the fly (rarely pulled).

    Competitive Toughness - No concerns here. Not a big finisher, but plays physical and doesn't get pushed around. Competes and will get after defenders in extended play situations. Elite effort in space to reach corners on the perimeter.

    Mental Processing - Does an outstanding job adjusting his pass set based on defender's alignment. Seems to recognize a lot of twists pre-snap and communicates to pass off defenders flawlessly. Spatial awareness to right guard is evident on tape, stays on same level to handle games. As a run blocker, notes movement of second level defenders pre-and-post snap and is rarely lost in space. Sees late pressure coming a mile off.

    Athleticism/Size - Elite size, length and mobility for the position. Ascending prospect with all the physical and athletic tools to play right away in the NFL.

    BEST TRAIT - Pass Pro Footwork

    WORST TRAIT - Hand Placement

    RED FLAGS - None

    After a mediocre at best sophomore season, Jawaan Taylor became one of the country's most improved players during the 2018 campaign, excelling under Dan Mullen's new staff at Florida. Facing a murderer's row of pass rushers throughout the season, Taylor was consistently excellent, showing explosive footwork, impressive range in his set points and the power to physically manhandle opponents as well.

    Little things still need brushed up in Taylor's game, like consistent strike timing, pad level and getting his hands inside more regularly in the run game. But all the physical and athletic tools to be a star are in place, and the technique took a massive leap forward against elite competition this past season. Expect Taylor to come off the board in the top 10 picks, which is where he belongs.

    Round Grade: 1st