Kaleb McGary

OT, Washington

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #58
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'6"
  • DOB 02/22/1995
  • WT 318 lbs





    PROS: Just a steamroller of a human being. For his size (6'6, 320) he's an excellent athlete. Has a devastatingly powerful punch--one-handed and two--that can shake defenders off their spot. Will wash defensive tackles on down blocks to the other side of the line; will take double teams 8+ yards deep. Does well to frame rushers; is patient in his kick-slide and maximizes his length and power in punch with instinctual timing. Hand location can get a bit inconsistent but is generally very sound; same can be said of grip strength. Keeps post foot very disciplined against twists, stunts, and late attempts at inside moves. Can bury rushers who try to come inside on him.

    An aggressor in pass protection who loves the jump set and looks to finish. Torsion strength jumps off the screen when working leverage on zone flow or redirecting rushers past the QB's set point. Recovery ability, as generated by length, quickness, and poise, excellent for college OT. Rarely loses his head when in a sub-optimal position, maximizing powerful punch to disrupt rushers who've worked their way around his cylinder. Takes good angles on clean releases into the second level in the running game; has a high hit rate on both climbs and screens, where his surprising agility wins once again.

    CONS: Kick slide doesn't gain sufficient depth despite athletic profile that would indicate it's well within McGary's ability. Often plays too tight into the offensive guard and is forced into a recovery position on the outside track. Wasn't tested often with speed and an inside counter attached, but when he was, struggled with opening the back door and surrendering pressures as such. Most issues came from alignments wider than a 5-technique.

    Feet will fall asleep momentarily on contact in both the running and passing game alike. Particularly egregious on reach blocks: often tries to stop flow immediately once he gains leverage instead of continuing the block through the play, thereby surrendering leverage. Will also show up on jump sets, as he relies to heavily on his length, and can fall victim to push-pull/swim. Kick slide has some bounce/choppiness to it at times, especially when pressed for depth. Upright frame (6'6) can become too stiff in pass sets, losing active base in knees and hips, thereby becoming susceptible to power rushes.