Kingsley Keke

IDL, Texas A&M

  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #88
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB --
  • WT 305 lbs




    Hand Technique/Length He's got great length and when he flashes his hands he can really illustrate impressive separation and ability to win early in reps. Issues arise because he's not consistent with hand usage and too often looks to bully with power instead of hand counters. 

    Competitive Toughness – He's pretty lackadaisical off the back end of plays and is quick to give up in his pursuit. Doesn't really hold his ground all that well against power blockers and double teams. He'll get his pads ridden up and lose leverage at the POA. 

    Two Gap Ability – He has the length and the intermittent flash to offer hope that he could get there some day. But he's not stout enough with his anchor, not effective enough in quick block deconstruction and he's generally not savvy enough to process and anticipate blocks. 

    Gap Penetration Skills – Has not had a fruitful career of making plays in the backfield but he does have the mobility and flexibility to drop an inside shoulder and reduce surface area to run through contact. He's not overly sudden but if aligned right in the gap he can push through the gap.

    Tackling – Long arms aid him in efforts to reach and grab at any part of the ball carrier, he does offer a good tackle radius and the body contortion skills to get himself extended. He's got enough redirection, especially as a B-gap defender, to react as he plays square to the LOS. 

    Flexibility – Really impressive overall body control for a big dude. He'll twist and contort himself through spaces well and has impressive results looking to get skinny through gaps or collect himself and redirect as he pushes through a gap up front. 

    Pass Rush Counters – He's not overly nuanced here and likes to try to bull rush blockers backwards. Had some success (Auburn) in doing so but otherwise he's slow to react to openings and creases up front, instead loops away from contact looking for a cheap clean-up. 

    First Step Quickness – He's the last one out of his stance with too much frequency. Can be late to react and on top of that he's very lethargic trying to roll through the corner. Other times, when he's pressing, he can offer some good looks on the interior. 

    Feet/Change Of Direction – Does not have a lot of explosiveness in lateral situations, he's pretty pedestrian when he's needing to plant and drive or collect his balance. He'll make looping turns instead to settling down and driving off a single stride to get going the opposite way. 

    Versatility – Bit of a tweener. Played some tackle and then dropped weight to play DE in 2018. He's better off in the B-gap, where some athletic limitations will be mitigated but he'll have a chance to still flash his flexibility and surface reduction in an attack role and bend to target. 

    BEST TRAIT – Length

    WORST TRAIT – Competitive Toughness

    BEST FILM – Auburn (2018)

    WORST FILM – North Carolina State (2018)

    RED FLAGS – None

    Kingsley Keke is a frustrating study, he clearly has some physical tools at his disposal that could make him a potent weapon up front. But his consistency, technique and football IQ all appear to be lacking, often leaving him stuck dancing with blockers and unable to generate consistent pressure or penetration. There are simple, easy fixes that could help Keke reach his potential, but the fact that he hasn't mastered some of them yet are cause for concern. A high upside, low floor pick. 

    Round Grade - Fifth Round