Martez Ivey

OT, Florida

  • Conf SEC - East
  • Jersey #73
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 07/25/1995
  • WT 315 lbs




    Run Blocking - Doesn’t have the functional strength expected for his body composition. Robs himself of power on account of high pads. Has unbelievable length but struggles to win with first contact and play with extension.

    Pass Blocking - Technical nightmare. Messy footwork with regular false steps. Fails to get depth in his slide and he’s stuck chasing. Feet while cross up the arc. Heavy-footed waste bender that may not be able to win outside in the NFL.

    Blocking in Space - Gets in the way more than he connects in space. Doesn’t have the ideal movement skills to reach his landmarks. Moderate success with short pulls. Length does increase his margin for error as a walkup blocker.

    Power - Thickly built frame disappoints in terms of exchanging power in the trenches. Almost never plays with enough leverage. Tall pall sets leads to a soft anchor. Lacks pop in his punch.

    IQ - Technical flaws are highly disappointing. Blessed with over 36-inch arms but opponents frequently get into his frame and control reps. Highly regarded recruit that never truly developed or came close to fulfilling his promise.

    Feet - Needs to completely re-learn pass sets. Has a bad false step initially and rarely reaches his set points. Rushers blow right by his loose road blocks around the arc. Feet are heavy and sluggish. Has a tendency to cross his feet and he’s in a perpetual state of recovery.

    Hands - Soft hands. Almost always tardy with his punch, negating his ridiculous length. Struggles to fit his hands in the run game, oftentimes far too wide when he does. Not a skilled hand fighter.

    Balance - Issues on top of issues. Routinely folds at the waste and over-extends. Base narrows in pass pro, even to the point of crossing his feet. Never plays with proper leverage. Lose control of his frame on the move.

    Versatility - Has played both guard and tackle throughout the course of his career at Florida. Has an ideal frame for the position but he doesn’t control or use it well enough. Unlikely to survive at tackle in the NFL and move inside to guard may be required.

    BEST TRAIT - Length

    WORST TRAIT - Body Control/Technique

    RED FLAGS - Underachiever

    Ivey came to Florida a highly regarded five-star recruit but never lived up to his billing. While he did start for nearly four seasons, his production and inconsistent technique are disappointing. In order for Ivey to stick at the next level, a technical overhaul is required in addition to adding strength throughout his frame. Blessed with over 36-inch arms, Ivey hasn’t learned to use that length to his advantage which would be a good start in his evolution as a player. Ivey is a major project with numerous flaws to overcome.

    Round Grade - UDFA