Mike Weber

RB, Ohio State

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #25
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 5'9"
  • DOB 08/25/1997
  • WT 215 lbs




    Feet - Love the timing of his footwork and step frequency pressing the line of scrimmage. Runs with impressive rhythm and balance. Modest burst is generated off his plant foot but his pace and timing helps overcome that.

    Vision - Wonderful field vision and spatial awareness with a nuanced approach to attacking it. Effectively patient and works off his blocks. Always two steps ahead and he always a plan. Impressive feel between the tackles and attacking the perimeter. Confident and decisive runner that does well to anticipate creases.

    Pass Protection - Was not frequently tasked with reps in pass protection but his effort is adequate. With that said, his anchor does not appear overly stout. Needs to be more effective fitting his hands and leveraging his hips in pass pro.

    Receiving - Is a reliable target out of the backfield and he was featured a decent amount as a receiver at Ohio State. Some impressive reps where he extends and plucks the football outside his frame. Quickly looks to create yards after the catch after he secures the ball.

    Balance - Does well to set up tacklers and make it difficult for them to square him up. Impressive ability to absorb contact and continue up the field. Regularly spins out of contact and remains controlled stringing together moves. High steps allow him to get through junk around his feet.

    Elusiveness - Has some wiggle, agility and juice about him although he isn’t overly dynamic. Can create some space for himself with his unique blend of power and finesse components as a runner.

    Power - He is a physical runner that features a low center of gravity and runs with an aggressive mentality. With that said, he doesn’t have game-changing power although he is plenty strong.

    Competitive Toughness - No questions here. Weber competes to the max on every touch, battling for extra yardage through contact. Effort never wanes and he is never shy about exchanging power. Not quick to find the sideline.

    Versatility - Has at least baseline ability in every area, making him a multifaceted back that can help an offense in a variety of ways. No glaring restrictions are present in his skill set. Has potential in gap and zone schemes.

    BEST TRAIT - Balance

    WORST TRAIT - Pass Protection

    A staple across the last three seasons for the Ohio State offense, Weber is a nuanced runner with a minimum baseline skill set in every important area. What really stands out with Weber is his pace, timing, vision and balance as a ball carrier. He’s an effective receiver with good power and enough elusiveness to be dangerous in space. Weber should be a quality rotational back at the next level that offers quality contributions in every facet.

    Round Grade - Fourth Round Value