Mitch Hyatt

OT, Clemson

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #75
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB 02/06/1997
  • WT 305 lbs



    Run Blocking - Has a tendency to duck his head at the point of attack which causes him to over extend and fall off contact. His lack of play strength mitigates his ability to create space on the ground and Hyatt is regularly stacked at the line of scrimmage. Has some success as a positional blocker, taking advantage of angles. Good lateral mobility to cut/reach on the backside.

    Pass Blocking - Often late with his punch, opening the door for pass rushers to soften angles and get after the quarterback. When combined with a soft anchor, the width of the pocket is consistently compromised. Has difficulty leveraging his hips and setting a firm road block for rushers up the arc.

    Blocking in Space - Sound vertical blocker, arriving on schedule and operating under control to connect with moving targets. Takes good angles and has been effective on longer pulls.

    Power - Lacking throughout his frame. Anchor is soft and he easily gets worked back. Lacks the pop in his punch to stun opponents. Competes but he doesn’t generate much push in the run game on account of weak leg drive.

    IQ - A four year starter that seems to have a strong grasp on how to play, he just lacks the physical upside to be more effective. Reacts well to pressure packages and communicates well with teammates. Finds work when uncovered. Cut down on penalties that plagued him over his first two seasons.

    Feet - He can quick set effectively but deeper drops that invite speed up the arc present problems. Has good lateral mobility and he redirects his weight effectively.

    Hands - Punch timing and placement is inconsistent and strikes aren’t heavy. Opponents easily swipe and take control of reps. Struggles to play with extension and keep opponents out of his frame.

    Balance - Lack of contact power and balance leads to him being in a perpetual state of recovery. On the ground a fair amount. Has good control of his frame on the move in space.

    Versatility - A four-year starter at left tackle for Clemson but his best chance to stick in the NFL may come on the interior in a zone blocking scheme. Can potentially find success where he’s able to get out in space and take advantage of angles.

    BEST TRAIT - Experience

    WORST TRAIT - Functional Strength

    RED FLAGS - None

    A five-star recruit, Hyatt was an immediate starter for Clemson at left tackle and is highly-decorated when it comes to his accolades. With that said, when translating his skill set to the next level there are some notable deficiencies he must overcome. Most of those issues stem from a lack of functional strength and technical concerns with his hands. When Hyatt finds success, it's generally on the move or by taking advantage of angles in the run game. For those reasons, his best fit likely comes in a zone blocking scheme at the next level. A move to center may be Hyatt’s best course to having a lasting career in the NFL.

    Round Grade - Late Day 3 Value