Nick Harris

IOL, Washington

  • Conf Pac-12 - North
  • Jersey #56
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB --
  • WT 293 lbs






    Run Blocking - Shines as a positional blocker, taking advantage of angles and working laterally to widen gaps. Won’t be confused as a road grader but he can great space, seal lanes and he’s highly effective combo blocking to the second level. Feet can get left behind when working his hips around and he must become more deliberate about keeping them engaged. 

    Pass Blocking - Love his ability to slide his feet and stay square but his anchor is hit or miss. Best when uncovered and he can use his awareness to help and slide. Alignments where he has to fan wide and reach set points present some challenges. Has to work overtime to anchor against dynamic speed to power converters. 

    Blocking in Space - Dynamic worker on the move. Explosive getting to the second level and sealing pursuit. Executes with terrific timing, plays under control and consistently connects with moving targets. Getting him on the move should be a big part of what he’s asked to do in the NFL which should expand the scheme. 

    Power - Powerful core that enables him to torque his hips and redirect. I wouldn’t call his anchor soft but there are plenty of instances where it takes some extra effort to maintain the depth of the pocket. More of a positional blocker in the run game. 

    IQ - Three-year starter with experience at both guard and center and it shows. Love his alertness in pass protection which shines when he is uncovered. Always arrives on schedule with combos and getting into space. 

    Feet - Has impressive foot speed and mobility. Explosive worker climbing to the second level or getting to the perimeter. Maintains a wide base and it doesn’t narrow. Needs to be more intentional about moving his feet when engaged in the run game so they don’t get out of sync with his upper body. 

    Hands - Has enough pop in his punches and his timing/variance is sound. With that said, his lack of length presents some challenges with opponents being able to work into his frame. 

    Balance - Has natural leverage which helps him maintain balance. While his feet can get left behind a touch in the run game, he doesn’t fold at the waste or get sloppy with weight distribution in pass pro. 

    Versatility - Has considerable experience playing both guard and center but his best fit in the NFL comes as a center. Effective blocker in all phases, but particularly outstanding working on the move. Not a candidate for gap-power run schemes. 

    BEST TRAIT - Blocking in Space

    WORST TRAIT - Length

    RED FLAGS - None

    NFL COMP - Rodney Hudson

    Starting over 40 games with experience at both guard and center, Harris projects best to playing center in the NFL where he will see less situations where he is covered. For a team in search of an athletic center that thrives pulling and climbing to the second level while employing a zone run scheme, Harris is an exciting option. While he isn’t the most physically dominant run blocker and his anchor can be compromised in pass protection, Harris is highly competitive, technically-sound and his functional mobility is impressive. He may be a scheme-specific prospect, but he has the makings of a starter in the right offense in time.