Oshane Ximines

EDGE, Old Dominion

  • Conf Conference USA - East
  • Jersey #7
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB --
  • WT 247 lbs





    Burst - Get-off is nothing to write home about, will have slight variance in his first step at times, but even the peaks aren't noteworthy. Decent speed once he gets going up the arc, but a little herky-jerky in his movements and doesn't threaten the edge considerably. Does a nice job of varying pace some, throwing off his opponent's pass set to create softer angles.

    Bend - Tight in the hips and doesn't corner naturally. Bend and flexibility are a concern, especially considering how rarely he even attempted to corner against low-level offensive tackles, usually getting run up the arc when he did. Angles are too wide around the edge. Struggles to dip the shoulder and turn tight angles to the pocket, taking a few steps to throttle down at the top of the arc.

    Rush Moves - Nasty cross-chop move and 2-hand swipe. Loves to knock down the tackle's hands and work over top on a cleaner angle to the pocket. Violent with his mitts, showing the ability to club/swim inside of oversets and hand fight his way to the quarterback. Not an overly complex rusher, but constantly working to get home. Understands his limitations and won't constantly run up the arc without a plan. Converts speed-to-power, albeit against tackles with some serious strength concerns.

    Counters - Has the motor and violent hands to win with counters, and has flashed of exhibiting those abilities. As long as he can keep himself clean, he's working a plan B, but can get engulfed by size and length if he doesn't win with his hands early. Can he win the edge enough in the NFL to force more savvy offensive tackles into oversets and give him the inside path he covets?

    Run Defense - Loves to lock out the edge with a long arm to his opponent's chest. Good technically with his hands and depth to the line of scrimmage, and will work his tail off to make plays backside or in gaps away from him. Not great at holding the point of attack and can get knocked off the ball by power, length or angled blocks attacking his space. Lack of range and ability in space got exposed a few times this season.

    Lateral Mobility - Interesting movement skills, more segmented and burst-y than fluid or agile. Can be overaggressive in one direction, which may make his change-of-directions skills look worse than they are. Combine should help provide some clarity. Had some struggles finishing in space against more athletic ball carriers.

    Mental Processing/Vision - Excellent at recognizing oversets and working back inside his opponent. Processes quickly on his feet and takes the best path to the quarterback. Doesn't waste many rushes and is constantly working back to the passer's depth. As a run defender processing was usually strong, did struggle at times to decipher zone reads and can be slow to work off run read in play-action situations.

    Tackling/Finishing - Has let some finishes slip away, but most of the time gets runners on the ground and is physical as often as possible. Most of his misses come in space, where Ximines has some issues. Outstanding at targeting the football, forced 11 fumbles over his past three seasons at Old Dominion.

    Competitive Toughness - Not the most physically or athletically gifted player, but the dude works. Won't back down from anyone and brought the fight to Power 5 Virginia Tech from the first snap. Relentless motor to chase the ball all over the field.

    Athleticism/Size - Lacks great length and is small for a defensive end. I think he's heavier than 247, but if not, NFL teams will likely see him as more of a 3-4 fit, so he'll need to show out in coverage drills in Mobile and Indy. Athleticism is decent on tape, but pass rush traits like burst and flexibility aren't often evident.

    BEST TRAIT - Rush Moves

    WORST TRAIT - Burst/Bend

    RED FLAGS - None

    A hustler with strong production and an elite name, Oshane Ximines has some fun rush moves in his repertoire and will bring the fight to everyone, which should make him a helpful NFL contributor. Unfortunately I'm not sure the explosiveness, bend or flexibility is there for a much higher ceiling at the next level, although the Senior Bowl and Combine will be helpful for determining how good he can be.

    Will Ximines get pegged as a 3-4 outside linebacker only if he checks in under 250? I'm not sure he's the kind of player you want dropping into coverage a bunch of times a game, and rushing the passer is what he does best. His hand usage and physicality suggest a third down role, but if his athletic limitations are real, Ximines might have a hard time earning major snaps in the NFL.