Rashard Lawrence


  • Conf SEC - West
  • Jersey #90
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'2"
  • DOB 09/27/1998
  • WT 308 lbs




    Hand Technique/Length - He's got some strong hands, throws heavy blows that offset contact with easy and he'll reset the LOS consistently. Will get outreached by more rangy blockers however and in those instances lack of flexibility and mobility will handcuff him, preventing him from stringing out blocks. Shed techniques are power oriented.

    Competitive Toughness - He's a tough dude. Not often found off the point of attack or bubbled by drive blocks. His motor meets required levels when scraping or pursuing the football laterally. That said, asking him to get range side to side will negatively impact his ability to hold ground due to hip tightness.

    Two Gap Ability - Doesn't have the prototypical length to be a stalwart here but he plays with inside hands, good leverage and a heavy punch — so he'll be effective in the B-gap. Not a true nose but could feasibly play 1T as well and stack centers. Ability to hold in short spaces can make him a space eater but don't expect stack and shed.

    Gap Penetration Skills - Not super twitchy, nor does he get upfield with consistency. His disruption reps come from bubbling blockers back into the backfield and forcing the back to cut off their hip. Don't expect a lot of disruption with bodies leaning on him, simply because he doesn't own the length to extend and reroute.

    Tackling - Tackle radius is only modest due to length, mobility and tilt — but if you test his gap and he's uncovered you're not getting off him. He's got strong upper body and strong hands to wrap up and grab cloth before wrestling down the ball carrier in congested spaces.

    Flexibility - Fairly linear. He's got leverage automatically built into his frame and he does coil it well with good pad level at the point of attack. Does well to stay under bigger bodies at OTs when aligned in 4i or 5T. Doesn't have the hinge to scrape and flow with pace on outside zone or sweeps, however.

    Pass Rush Counters - Doesn't bring a lot of variety or creativity here. Instead, he's a power rusher who will look to collapse blockers and soften angles before proceeding into pursuit of the passer. Not going to bring a lot of kick here at the NFL level either and ideally gets rotated out on obvious passing downs.

    First Step Quickness - He's not quick twitch. There's little threat of him shooting gaps and getting hip to hip with blockers at the snap. If you isolate him in space, his transitional quickness won't afford him much reactive quickness or ability to flash and drive to contest blocks or mirror ball carriers.

    Feet/COD - Not especially nimble. He does a solid job of staying controlled and not getting turned at the line of scrimmage but asking him to cross face or flash across blockers while he's engaged with blockers isn't going to serve fruitful. Struggles to gear down his momentum once he's in pursuit, too.

    Versatility - Should be considered a potential B-gap run defender. He's not potent against the pass and that will hurt his draft value and impact to future NFL team. That said, he's good at what he does — he's a boxer in close quarters who wins real estate at the point of attack. 


    Best Trait - Competitive Toughness

    Worst Trait - Length

    Best Film - Alabama (2019)

    Worst Film - Texas (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Rashard Lawrence projects as a starting interior defensive lineman at the NFL level. Lawrence has likable anchor ability, some pleasant reps in 2-gap situations and a low center of gravity to hold the point of attack. He's not overly dynamic as a pass rusher and struggles to gain ground with consistency into gaps, his lack of explosive speed will restrict him here to some degree. But as an early down run defender, Lawrence will bring stout play and should be considered an asset. 

    Updated: 02/08/2020