Ryan Finley

QB, NC State

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #15
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 12/26/1994
  • WT 210 lbs



    Accuracy - Has general accuracy and will give his targets a chance but his ball placement is far from pinpoint. Accuracy noticeably declines after 10 yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Accuracy under pressure is very poor. Ball regularly comes off his hand wobbly and affects the trajectory of the ball. Inconsistent lower body mechanics work against his consistency with accuracy. 

    Arm Strength - Doesn't have the arm strength to make every throw and it limits the areas of the field his offense can attack. Ball lacks the juice to work outside the numbers without risk. Doesn't have enough throwing power the push the ball vertically. The lack of zip on the football is noticeable as it approaches his intended target. Limited. 

    Decision Making - Below average, especially considering his experience. Doesn't necessarily put his team in bad positions but his lack of field vision often leads his targets into coverage and coverage to his targets. Rarely has success coming off his first read. Identifies pre-snap where he wants to go with the ball but rarely allows information processed post-snap properly impact his decisions. 

    Anticipation - Will occasionally flash a throw made with anticipation, leading a target into a soft spot on the defense. Limited arm strength requires a higher level of competency with anticipation throws. Has much more success operating against man than zone given his inconsistency processing coverage post-snap. 

    Pocket Skills - Feels pressure well but isn't adept at avoiding the rush. Keeps his eyes down the field but is guilty of over-expediting his process at the first glimpse of pressure. Drifts too much in the pocket. Has enough mobility to navigate the pocket but his lack of comfort under duress is noticeable. 

    Throwing Mechanics - Throwing motion is fairly quick and efficient. Release points can be inconsistent and lead to placement issues. Doesn't generate consistent lower body torque with his hips and legs to muster up velocity. Lower body tenses up noticeably under pressure and throws under duress are generally made with all arm. Guilty of fading backwards when pressure comes. 

    Feet -  Doesn't set a consistent base with too much variance in width that leads to inconsistency. Base narrows fairly regularly. Capable of finding a quick platform but non-rhythm throws are usually flat-footed. 

    Progressions - More is expected given his experience. Knows what he wants pre-snap and generally goes with it. Rarely comes off his first read and finds success. Doesn't have a strong grasp on coverage rotation and processing where leverage and space will be. 

    Run - Modest ability to scramble and move the chains with his feet. Can hit throws on the run with good touch when rolling to his right. Extending plays and improvising are not areas he finds success. Protects himself well when fleeing the pocket. 

    BEST TRAIT - Experience

    WORST TRAIT - Arm Strength/Processing

    RED FLAGS - Age

    A sixth-year senior, Finley enters the NFL with an abundance of experience under his belt. While his time on the field is ideal, his deficiencies with processing are even more concerning given the amount of football he's played to this point in his career. Finley leaves much to be desired in terms of arm strength and the ability to drive the football with velocity to his targets which limits the areas of the field he can realistically attack in the NFL. Finley finds his success hitting rhythm passes and making spot throws against man coverage. By year three, Finley could be a reliable backup quarterback but it's hard to envision him having success as a starter or pegged for that opportunity.

    Round Grade: Mid Day 3 Value