Sheldrick Redwine

S, Miami

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Coastal
  • Jersey #22
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 11/06/1996
  • WT 195 lbs



    Coverage - Experienced functioning in a variety of techniques including reps in man coverage. Has the size, strength and mobility to carry tight ends and bigger slots into space with adequate pattern matching ability. Zone awareness can be lacking, with inconsistency layering coverage and jumping routes to his area.

    Tackling - Generally a good form tackler that aims low, wraps up and accelerates his feet through contact. Does well to arrive under control and balanced. Hitting power and contact balance is excellent.

    Processing - Isn’t the fastest processor and his trigger can be tardy but he’s not often out of position. Zone awareness is modest at best. Would like to see him more aggressive to squeeze windows. Can be too willing to allow a reception and set himself up to tackle instead of disrupting at the catch point.

    Ball Skills - Ability to play the ball in the air is hit or miss; doesn't always find it or get his head around in time. Ball skills are notably better playing forward than with his back to the line of scrimmage. Too cautious when breaking on the ball, often opting for the tackle.

    Range - Covers plenty of ground playing forward and pursuing towards the sideline. Do not love his range as a one high safety. Does well to play off contact in pursuit. Angles are generally sound but there are times his trigger can be quicker and take a more aggressive track.

    Physicality - Is a physical tackler that does well to wrap low and bring his feet through contact. Never guilty of playing passive when given a chance to be physical. Willing to take on blocks in space and exchange power with whomever crosses his path. Sniffs out run plays and quick passes well and works to the football with urgency.

    Play Speed - Has good athletic ability for the position and he won’t often be out-athleted. With that said, his processing skills are often tardy and he doesn’t get ahead of plays. Would love to see him play more confidently to complement what he offers athletically.

    Flexibility - Has good enough change of direction skills and fluidity in his transitions. Fairly springy when driving off his plant foot. Easy mover in space. Can turn tight angles and carry speed through them.

    Versatility - Can play in the box and split zones. Not ideally suited for single high looks. Has upside in man coverage and should be a standout on special teams.

    BEST TRAIT - Physicality

    WORST TRAIT - Slow Trigger

    RED FLAGS - None

    Redwine started his college career as a corner before converting to safety in 2017 where his best fit at the next level comes. His man coverage ability is a major asset to his game, being able to carry tight ends and bigger slot receivers into space. Redwine projects most favorably to split zone duties but he can also serve as a big slot. Redwine plays a physical style of football and is a reliable tackler. While there is plenty of appeal with Redwine, he must speed up his processing skills, layer zone coverage more effectively and become more aggressive when having chances to play the football in the air to maximize his upside at the next level. He does have eventual starter upside and should be an excellent special teams contributor in the NFL.

    Round Grade - Fourth Round Value