Steven Montez

QB, Colorado

  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #12
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'4"
  • DOB 01/14/1997
  • WT 240 lbs





    Arm Accuracy - Ability to throw with consistency isn't where you'd like it and he'll put the ball at risk throwing into tight windows too often — doesn't have the pinpoint accuracy to any area of the field to be so reliant on pushing into tight windows. Mechanics break down when forced off his spot and his spray chart becomes quite erratic.

    Decision Making - There's a general lack of innate feel for the position — he misses the mark with a lot of little things, like touch and decision making under duress. He's too wild and appears to be indecisive to throw late and across his body, he should have tossed several more INT than he was credited with.

    Progressions - Slow to work off the first read. When he misses his timing routes, he's forced into sandlot play but even then he's not overly fleet of foot — so he'd benefit greatly from finding the handle with how he operates from snap to the top of his drop. Eyes need to move faster to work through targets to find open bodies.

    Anticipation - Can be guilty of missing some easy throws and taking pressures that should have been easily avoided. He has some pleasant flashes of spot throws, both within the pocket and when he's forced off his spot and needs to make a play on the move. Just enough there to keep you engaged.

    Poise - Can be erratic. The highs are high but the lows are too low — he's very streaky and when his cage is rattled he's a liability under duress (Oregon 2019). Needs to work more quickly in general and help himself to avoid consistent pressures in the pocket.

    Arm Strength - He's got plenty of juice. He's capable of throwing off balance and pushing the ball vertically down the field to create big plays in the passing game. He is capable of slotting throws into tight windows when his accuracy is where he's hoping it should be on any given throw.

    Pocket Awareness - Sense of pocket manipulation is somewhat underwhelming and he's guilty of driving into pressures too often — lacks feel for working into space even when he's able to flush off his spot at first to make the first arriving pass rusher miss off the edge or up the middle.

    Mechanics - Everything breaks down when he's feeling the heat — which brings negative effects on his consistency and placement when the pocket is closing in around him. Can also be guilty of hurrying his delivery sequence when he's late to finding a receiver and missing some gimmie throws.

    Footwork - Can be somewhat stale getting back onto his throwing platform. Feet aren't super nimble and he can struggle to recollect himself when rushers are into his face and task him with sliding laterally and getting down hill before working into a throwing sequence.

    Run Ability - For his size, his athleticism should actually be considered a plus. He's not super fast but if he's charged with rollouts or able to break the pocket he is definitely capable of making you pay against man coverage and will convert short yardage runs from under center thanks to his frame and leg drive. 


    Best Trait - Stature

    Worst Trait - Football IQ

    Best Film - Nebraska (2018)

    Worst Film - Oregon (2019)

    Red Flags - None

    Summary - Steven Montez projects as a low end rosterable quarterback at the pro level. Montez has prototypical build and necessary arm strength to play in the NFL but his mental processing and consistency with reads and simultaneously keeping his offense on schedule are sorely lacking. Montez does not currently possess the football acumen to operate a pro offense and will need to work on his anticipation, timing and internal clock. Consider him a developmental QB3 early on. 

    Updated: 03/21/2020