Terronne Prescod

IOL, NC State

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #70
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 331 lbs



    Run Blocking - Has the power and mass to move opponents out of their gap if stacked on top of him. If he can stay in a phone booth, Prescod can be effective. With that said, any blocks requiring lateral mobility will be impossible assignments for a laborious mover like Prescod.

    Pass Blocking - Will have no issues anchoring against bull rushers but struggles come when pass rushers get to his edges. Chronic waist-bender and he drops his head on contact. Doesn’t have the lateral mobility to mirror effectively.

    Blocking in Space - Heavy feet and tight hips are too restrictive for him to be effective on the move. He’s a plodder a space that cannot be trusted to reach landmarks and hit blocks on the move.

    Power - Massive with built in power. In tight spaces, he’ll exchange power and win with the best of them. His severe lack of mobility and body control mitigates his greatest asset in terms of power.

    IQ - He’s clumsy and tardy with responses in pass protection. Has not been victimized by penalties.

    Feet - Moves his feet like they have cinder blocks attached to them. Lateral mobility is poor. Pass sets are tardy. Doesn’t have the foot speed to function on the move.

    Hands - Was expecting more pop in his punches. Erratic placement, partly because he’s rarely square to his targets on account of limited mobility. Athletic restrictions also takeaway his ability to play with extension.

    Balance - Poor. He is chronic lunger that folds at the waist. Athletic restrictions keep him in a perpetual state of recovery. Sloppy mover in space.

    Versatility - Strictly a guard in a gap/power scheme. Severely limited outside of drive blocking. Has notable restrictions in pass protection, on the move and run blocking that requires any sort of mobility.

    BEST TRAIT - Power

    WORST TRAIT - Mobility/Body Control

    RED FLAGS - None

    NC State has been known for its stellar offensive lines in recent years and Prescod has been part of that. His power at the point of attack was an asset to the group. With that said, his severely restrictive mobility presents far too many challenges in every facet and leads to poor overall control of his frame. Dropping weight and reconditioning his frame will be required for Prescod to have a chance at the next level.

    Round Grade - UDFA