Trace McSorley

QB, Penn State

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #9
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'0"
  • DOB 08/23/1995
  • WT 195 lbs



    Arm Accuracy – Placement of throws into tight man coverage is an area that is a weakness. Much more comfortable and effective throwing into space, whether that is a stretched zone or busted coverage. Accurate throwing to his right, struggles to get on top of ball rolling left.

    Decision Making – When in doubt, throws up 50-50 balls for diagnosed man coverage. Is too guilty of predetermining throws before the snap and not using post-snap information to make decisions. As a result can get trapped by complex (NFL) secondaries.

    Progressions – At times lacks the eye discipline to not zero in on his initial target, in turn guiding zone coverage into the teeth of the throw. Has a fair ability to work the eyes across the field, although pace of post-snap processing is something that will need to hasten.

    Anticipation – Has defeated the blitz and free rushers by feeling when and where to release into a space vs. pressure. Effective putting ball out in front or receivers on in-routes or vertical shots in such instances. Can be a point and shoot passer to the boundary, prefers to see the break.

    Poise – Has come up with some key plays in big time situations (Iowa 2017, App State 2018). Fearless player who has found success with the ball in his hands as passer and runner. Aware of receivers down field under pressure but decision making can be negatively influenced.

    Arm Strength – Has plenty of zip on the football, compact frame does yield good burst off the hand when stepping and striding into his throws. Ball trajectory can stay flat when trying to squeeze a tight throw in, ball doesn't die late and hang for defenders, provided platform is clean.

    Pocket Awareness – Shows wonderful feel for rushers around him in the pocket. Fully comfortable stepping forward to climb the ladder or sliding his platform laterally to side-step an edge rusher. Does well to collect his base and sustain eyes down the field when forced off of his spot.

    Mechanics – Does not always work through his release point, often resulting in sprayed footballs to all levels and all areas of the field. Will handcuff his own body and lacks the natural placement skills to utilize all arm and get a ball accurately to its target.

    Footwork – Feet need to stay anchored when throwing around pressure, will get on his toes for a release and let the trail leg float, minimizing swing and follow to drive the ball. Feet are light in the pocket and has little issue when flushed off his spot to collect and get downhill for a rolling pass.

    Mobility – Slippery passer within the pocket, is nimble and smooth in tight spaces to create a crease in the pocket and get out into the flats. Has good running skills and was featured heavily as a runner in the early parts of 2018 before an injury limited his play.

    BEST TRAIT – Mobility

    WORST TRAIT – Arm Accuracy

    BEST FILM – Wisconsin (2016)

    WORST FILM – Michigan (2018)

    RED FLAGS – Size

    Trace McSorley possesses a live arm and a good set of athletic skills to play the position but his incubation among an elite skill cast for most of his career has hindered his development significantly. McSorley struggles when tasked with throwing into tight passing windows and relies too much on throwing up a 50-50 pass in hopes his receivers will make plays on the ball. McSorley will need to drastically overhaul his throwing mechanics in the pocket and his post-snap habi