Travis Homer

RB, Miami

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Coastal
  • Jersey #24
  • Class Junior
  • HT 5'11"
  • DOB 08/07/1998
  • WT 195 lbs


    Feet - Compact runner that easily makes sharp cuts in tight quarters. Gets excellent lateral width in his jump cuts. Fairly springy, generating good acceleration off his plant foot. Angles himself well to attack holes. Strings together moves to sift through congested spaces.

    Vision - Confidently attacks available tracks but isn’t a great anticipator of space. Rarely thinking ahead and his vision in the hole is lacking. Not a natural cutback runner and he doesn’t feel bounce lanes well.

    Pass Protection - Reliably gets his work done. Does well to frame rushers, leverage his hips, fit his hands and keep his feet active through contact. Delivers blows and anchors very well. Knows how to latch on to the inside shoulder and widen the rushers track off the edge.

    Receiving - Caught 37 passes over the last two seasons, rarely dropping the football. Has impressive reps on taps where he makes outstanding adjustments to the football and snatches it outside his frame. Deserved more opportunities.

    Balance - Super controlled runner that remains balanced through his moves and fluidly strings them together. Has good contact balance. Absorbs power well, especially for his frame as both a runner and blocker.

    Elusiveness - He isn’t overly dynamic but his compact style allows for late adjustments to angle away from contact. Good agility and bounce. Power and wiggle allow him to slip and work out of tackles.

    Power - Won’t be confused as a bruising back but he packs a decent punch for his frame. Pinballs off contact and keeps working up the field. Love his exchanges in pass protection.

    Competitive Toughness - Competes hard in every aspect, including blocking and covering kicks. Is never timid dealing with contact or quick to avoid it. Alarming fumble rate and he must do better to protect the football.

    Versatility - His modest vision is restrictive but he is appealing as both an inside and outside runner. His receiving skills are underrated and his potential in pass pro is exciting. Experienced punt gunner.

    BEST TRAIT - Control

    WORST TRAIT - Vision

    RED FLAGS - None

    The Hurricanes’ leading rusher in each of the past two seasons, Homer features an all-around skill set. His blend of balance, agility, receiving upside and ability in pass protection gives him upside on every down. With that said, Homer’s field vision can disappoint and yards will be left on the field. In addition, Homer proved to have a bit of a fumble problem in 2018. I don’t think Homer will warrant a feature role but his versatility gives him a chance to provide quality depth and contribute in a variety of ways at the next level.  

    Round Grade - Mid Day 3