Tyler Huntley

QB, Utah

  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #1
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'1"
  • DOB 02/03/1998
  • WT 205 lbs



    Arm Accuracy - He isn't pinpoint accurate but does display general accuracy, even when he's under duress or his throwing platform is off kilter. Will generally speaking give his guy a chance to catch the ball and when he's driving throws in a clean pocket, he'll spin it into tight windows. 

    Decision Making - Needs his decision making process to speed up a little bit. Can get trapped and suckered by defenders in zone coverage, likes to key the hips to discern leverage for throws but defenders with anticipation can jump his passes by keying his delivery. 

    Progressions - Would like to see him work through the full field with a little bit more pace, can be late or miss check downs due to sticking on that first read hoping it uncovers. He's best keying vertical safeties or LBs on the hashes to decode flat vs. MOF throws. 

    Anticipation - If he's throwing vs. man coverage, he's pretty darn good. Will lay ball out in front of breaks when it is man on man. His feel for spot throws vs. zone is more spotty, he's better once receivers have settled into holes in zone vs. threading needle. 

    Poise - Like what he does outside the pocket. He's intermittent keeping eyes downfield but he's always heady on where down marker is and attacks. Comfortable forcing defenders to miss in the pocket. Doesn't typically panic and make harsh decisions — negative plays are just misfires. 

    Arm Strength - He's got some fair juice on his throws. Capable of throwing on the move and shows ability to work the open side of the field on throws breaking to the sideline. Easy deep thrower. His balls lose their most zip off his back foot but there's more accuracy issues than velocity. 

    Pocket Awareness - Really like what he does here. He's got that 6th-sense for free runners and when it is time to tuck the ball and work to daylight. He's slippery within the pocket, too. Short area quickness and agility help him to produce false steps by pass rushers. 

    Mechanics - He's got pretty good snap to his delivery and uses the hips to throw, even getting good rotation in tight quarters. He will let some throws over the middle get away from him high, needs to make sure he gets on top of ball in a busy pocket when he's forced to reset motion. 

    Footwork - His feet are light and crisp — appreciate how quickly he's able to get set up on his platform. Once he initiates throwing sequence, he struggles to reset the feet and will get stuck in the mud. Shows lower body transfer from clean platform, however. 

    Mobility - Slippery. He'll break contain and shows excellent speed to work to the sideline and stretch the defense. There's no shortage of plays where he's juking pass rushers in the pocket. Has designed run upside in his game as well. 


    Best Trait - Mobility

    Worst Trait - Decision Making

    Best Film - Washington State(2019)

    Worst Film - Oregon (2019)

    Red Flags - 2018 collarbone

    Player Summary - Tyler Huntley looks to possess the raw skills to serve as a developmental quarterback in the NFL. Huntley has a natural feel for extending plays and shows desirable arm strength, but does need to get his decision making process quicker and more consistent. This is a perfect late round draft target thanks to some of his unteachable tools while coaching him up via the practice squad in hopes that he'll further develop as a passer to become a viable backup signal caller. 

    Updated: 12/30/2019