Tyler Petite


  • Conf Pac-12 - South
  • Jersey #82
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3''
  • DOB 12/14/1996
  • WT 250 lbs


    PROS: Has some good vertical burst off the line of scrimmage and can maintain speed going down the field. Maintains velocity through gentle breaks and can get his numbers back to the quarterback. Adjusts with scrambling QB and has made catches away from his frame. Understands his responsibilities as a blocker and regularly gets his hips positioned with the appropriate leverage.

    CONS: Lumbering athlete who does not inspire in terms of pro projection. Takes significant chunks of time to gear down and change direction in breaks, thereby an easy man cover responsibility with whom to stay connected. Has good size but doesn't use his physicality at all -- in route stems, at break or catch point, when blocking, nothing. Doesn't show any particular catch radius or body control abilities.

    Uninspiring and effete as a blocker -- upright frame with little to no hip coiling to generate any power; hands outside in a catch position instead of locking inside and controlling rep; insufficient foot speed to maintain leverage as defender looks to disengage. Can't be trusted with stalk blocking from slot or arc/split zone blocking on the move, let alone as an inside zone blocker or pass protector on the EDGE. Does not have a favorable pro projection.