Tyree Jackson


  • Conf Mountain West - West
  • Jersey #36
  • Class Senior
  • HT 5'8''
  • DOB --
  • WT 175 lbs




    Accuracy - Cannot put the football where it needs to be with any sort of consistency. There are high level flashes where the ball is placed wonderfully but they are quickly erased with throws that appear targeted for the coverage and not the receiver. He erratically sprays the football all over the yard. Has some success executing quick game and slotting throws with in five to ten yards of the line of scrimmage.

    Arm Strength - The man has a hose. Jackson can zip it into tight windows and drive the ball deep down the field. There are times that his inconsistent mechanics and release points rob him of velocity. Can drive the football with pace from various angles and does not require his feet to be set.

    Decision Making - Does well to get the ball out of his hands and not take unnecessary sacks but it does come at the expense of desperation heaves into coverage. Has too much belief in his arm strength to fit the ball into certain spots. Doesn’t have great field vision and he misses squatting coverage.

    Anticipation - Processing coverage and understanding zone rotations is challenging enough much less anticipating where available space and leverage will be. Needs targets to uncover and be established as open. UB did well to feature a ton of RPOs and one read throws to get the ball out of his hands and eliminate putting too much on his plate.

    Pocket Skills - Had some flashes of sensing outside pressure and stepping up but he also has a tendency to bail or drift. He requires a lot of space to set his base which creates its own set of challenges. Has all the mobility in the world to navigate. Generally does well to keep his eyes down the field even when pressuring is closing in.

    Throwing Mechanics - Arm motion is elongated with a wind-up which invites coverage to his targets. That issue is exacerbated by not throwing with anticipation. His base is erratic and deciphering what is “normal” for him is a challenge. There are times his base is set excessively wide and his front foot plants with no regard for alignment. There is no consistency with weight distribution or rotation. Trail foot is all over the place. All of this variance leads to erratic ball placement. There is a lot of work to be done.

    Feet - No consistency whatsoever. Doesn’t need a set foundation to get throws off but his placement is all over the place. He’s a frequent over-setter. Feet get antsy at the top of drops when his primary isn’t available.

    Progressions - He will scan the whole field but his process is difficult to decipher in terms of where his eyes are going based on coverage/route combinations. Isolated reads are his best friend. Does very little to hold coverage with his eyes and create his own throwing lanes.

    Run - Has exceptional mobility and athleticism to scramble and extend plays. Ball placement throwing on the move leaves much to be desired although his peaks are special. Tapping into his physical upside as a runner should be a big part of the game plan if/when he sees the field on Sundays.

    BEST TRAIT - Physical Gifts

    WORST TRAIT - Ball Placement/Decision Making

    RED FLAGS - None

    Jackson has all the size, arm talent and athletic ability you could ever want in a quarterback prospect. While those traits lead to some jaw-dropping plays, those peaks are quickly erased by erratic ball placement, inconsistent mechanics and wild decisions with the football. His physical traits alone make Jackson a worthy investment but patience will be required before he can suit up on a Sunday and run an NFL offense. His deficiencies have proven to be extremely difficult for other toolsy prospects like Jackson to overcome but Jackson does have impressive intangibles and drive to develop.

    Round Grade - Fifth Round Value