Tyree St. Louis

OT, Miami

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Coastal
  • Jersey #78
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 305 lbs


    Run Blocking - Active off the ball working into blocks, setting a consistently wide base. Doesn’t consistently fit his hands and extend. Too many instances of him falling off blocks and he gets to frenetic. Has a tendency to lunge.

    Pass Blocking - Explosive into his initial slide although angles can be sloppy. Quick sets are excellent. Has issues keeping rushers away from his frame on account of poorly timed and placed punch. Anchor is sturdy but he keeps giving ground. Absorbs better than he redirects.

    Blocking in Space - He’s busy in space, showing some positive flashes as a walkup blocker. Features good length which accentuates his range. Has effective moments pulling and leading into gaps.

    Power - Takes his share of blows. Plays with poor leverage and weight distribution which robs him of power at the point of attack. Absorbs contact much better than he redirects it. Lower body features more strength than his upper body.

    IQ - Three-year starter with some disappointing habits that have not improved. Timing is fairly consistent, particularly with releases to the second level. Relatively low amount of penalties called on him across three seasons as a starter.

    Feet - Springs into his slide but fails to sustain that quickness when mirroring up the arc. Feet stay engaged through contact but would like to see them catch and redirect more effectively. Does not shift his weight well.

    Hands - Low hand carriage and a windup to his punches leads to elongated strikes. Placement and timing of his punch miss the mark. Rarely wins with first contact or plays with ideal extension. Catches more than he punches.

    Balance - Frenetic mover. Poor weight distribution and he frequently lunges. Does not play with consistent leverage or bend. Falls off contact too frequently because his upper and lower body function independently.

    Versatility - Has extensively played both right and left tackle for Miami. A move inside to guard may be required but does he have the strength to win on the interior? Has appeal and restrictions in every facet.

    BEST TRAIT - Size/Frame

    WORST TRAIT - Technique

    RED FLAGS - None

    I was hopeful a move to left tackle for his senior season would yield development and turn flashes into consistency, but that was far from the case for St. Louis as his struggles continued. As it stands, St. Louis is still a prospect with appealing size that just doesn’t have the technical refinement, body control or play strength to be considered anything more than a development option. His versatility to play on both sides is appealing but St. Louis has considerable improvements needed for him to stick in the NFL.

    Round Grade - UDFA