Wyatt Ray

EDGE, Boston College

  • Conf Atlantic Coast - Atlantic
  • Jersey #11
  • Class Senior
  • HT 6'3"
  • DOB --
  • WT 250 lbs




    Run Defense - Plays with excellent leverage and extension which enables him to set firm edges. Can be lax with outside contain responsibility and not maintain enough leverage as he squeezes down. Reps of him slashing gaps are often fruitless.  

    Pass Rush - Has likable traits in terms of length, arc speed and flexibility but tardy releases off the snap rob him of effectiveness. Vision, rush plan and counters all need development. Disappears for stretches and consistency is needed.

    Burst - Why is his so late off the ball? Has plenty of burst up the arc and a fluid first step. Takes long strides and quickly eats up turf in steps two and three. Second gear to close is not present.

    Effort - I like his initial surges of energy attacking blocks but he isn’t relentless in pursuit. Becomes a spectator as plays elongate and pulls up in pursuit down the field. Keeps bring it as a pass rusher.

    Hand Technique - Has some pop in his strikes but doesn’t blend moves together. Needs to unleash counters quicker and more effectively. Keeps his hands busy throughout reps but plan to unhinge is often lacking.

    Flexibility - Plays with terrific knee bend and leverage at the point of attack. Has enough flexibility in his lowers to corner the outside edge track but he isn’t gumby. Have not been impressed with his mobility and transitions in space.

    Processing - IDs blocks in the run game better than he reads the set of blockers when rushing the passer. Needs more urgency when stunting. Does not look comfortable in reps where he’s asked to play in space.

    Play Strength - Has the functional strength needed to set the edge and anchor. Maximizes his play strength by playing with low pads and a consistent base. Good ability to convert speed to power and challenge the width of the pocket.

    Versatility - Has upside on every down as a hand-in-the-dirt 4-3 defensive end. Reps in a standup role and playing in space are often fruitless.

    BEST TRAIT - Play Strength

    WORST TRAIT - Technique

    RED FLAGS - None

    Ray was stuck behind Harold Landry on the depth chart but finally got a chance to play a significant role as a senior and he racked up 11.5 sacks and 9 sacks. Ray has upside to defend the run and rush the passer but accelerating his attack is essential to his growth. From delayed releases out of his stance, slow reads and lack of urgency deploying pass rush counters, Ray is often late. With that said, the foundation of traits is present for him to develop into at least a value sub package defender at the next level.

    Round Grade - Mid/Late Day Three