Yodny Cajuste

OT, West Virginia

  • Conf Big 12
  • Jersey #55
  • Class RS Senior
  • HT 6'5"
  • DOB --
  • WT 315 lbs




    Pass Sets - Short sets offer good snap out of stance and a balanced, well framed posture on pass rushers. Changes stance on deeper sets to open hips and allow for a greater drive in kick slide. Needs to not get flat footed after hinging vs. speed off the edge, will lose leverage.

    Length/Extension -Has all of the length in the world needed to ride out rushes past the pocket, even after losing preferred positioning with his hips and feet. Hands have a big range and has effectively established a firm grip and sustained the block when scraping or flowing with the play.

    Balance -Some tightness rears its ugly head when trying to throw hands and stay upright in space. Issues also arise when the feet freeze, too many lapses of sliding the feet in protection, which compromises recovery ability with a missed strike.

    Hand Technique -Carries hands high and ready to strike, visibly coiled on pass sets and ready to stun and dictate reps effectively. Grasp is strong and shows good placement skills, both when operating on the fly or when aiming at moving targets in protection.

    Power at POA -Is a bull coming off of the line. Will collapse the edge with tons of power. Overwhelming blocker in head up situations when afforded the chance to drive off of the line of scrimmage and create a gap/alley for his ball carriers.

    Football IQ -Transitions out of swapped assignments effectively, shows good body awareness and positioning to prevent missed exchanged. Does little things well, such as rolling through legs of defenders on cut blocks. Spatially effective and takes good angles in space.

    Functional Athleticism -Gets out in front of plays very well on the boundary, either on pulling reps or in the screen game. Shows good mobility to accelerate up the field and lead a convoy down the field. Mirror skills and short area redirection skills in pass protection are only modest.

    Anchor Ability -Big, strong body with plenty of power to drop the hips, bend the knees and eat up a power rush. Is very well developed physically and can take a blow to the chest without giving up too much real estate on the edge of the pocket.

    Flexibility -Has some visible limitations in relation to his hips. Labors to get a lot of depth and reach in his pass sets, although stride length does cover required ground. Issues are most prevalent in lateral redirection opportunities.

    Competitive Toughness -Plays "on the edge". Has gotten in some scraps, including an ejection vs. Texas. Big, mean mauler with plenty of natural strength. Plays like a bully in the pile. Effort and hustle out in front of the play is terrific to pick up a second defender.

    BEST TRAIT - Power at POA

    WORST TRAIT - Flexibility

    BEST FILM - Kansas State (2018)

    WORST FILM - Tennessee (2018)

    RED FLAGS - None

    Yodney Cajuste projects favorably as a starting left tackle in a gap/power heavy running offense. Cajuste has some restrictions in his pass protection, working in a scheme that offers a lot of short sets and slide protections would be ideal for his physical skill set. Cajuste has the needed length and mobility to be an effective starter elsewhere, however. Teams needing an upgrade could feasibly start Cajuste as a rookie in 2019 but NFL speed will test him initially.