Zach Gentry

TE, Michigan

  • Conf Big Ten - East
  • Jersey #83
  • Class RS Junior
  • HT 6'7"
  • DOB 09/10/1996
  • WT 248 lbs



    Route Running -Shows effective understanding of how to press vertical releases up the field and create favorable throwing windows against zone defenders. Likable mobility at the top of hard angles. Predominantly a seam threat but has ran flat routes as a check-down option.

    Hands -Comfortable extending for the ball and showcases a great catch radius thanks to size and long arms. Concentration as defenders flash across his face is typically quite strong, although had a terrible showing against Ohio State (2018), suffering several poor drops.

    Versatility -Predominantly a seam threat but variation of routes and contested catch ability over the middle make him a valuable move piece option. Lack of hand in dirt skills will impact reps in a negative way but receiving skills are catered well to today's NFL.

    Contested Catch Ability -Will bring high point skills to the table and is capable of elevating over trailing linebackers to pluck the football out of the air. Lean frame can get bumped out of position after elevating and flashing the hands, would like a little more anticipation of looming contact.

    Run After Catch Ability -Creates modest opportunities, does well to get up the field and can provide just a touch of wiggle to force a missed challenge and step out of a late challenge. Has a fair amount of straight line speed but won't win flat out foot races against defensive backs.

    Power at POA -Does not play with a lot of "oomph" along the line of scrimmage. More of a complimentary pass protector instead of a player who will be uprooting the line of scrimmage or collapsing down the edge to be an asset in the run game.

    Competitive Toughness -Plays through contact effectively on vertical route releases up the field and shows good contact balance at the top of route stems to sustain play speed. Effort level is just fine as a blocker but natural power is never going to be an asset.

    Flexibility -Likable ability to drop the hips and gear down after pressing hard up the field. Offers plenty of mobility through the core to get his numbers back around to the football. Optimizes catch radius with high mobility through the shoulders.

    Balance -Free mover who handles getting rubbed on routes quite well. Blocking posture puts too much weight forward in efforts to try to compensate for a lean lower half and will spin off of blocks, will be challenged to improve without compromising receiving abilities.

    Football Intelligence -Can't help but really appreciate the receiving nuance he offers to create space for himself and his feel for breaking off of stems to locate the football. Natural feel for working behind linebackers and is comfortable reaching up to extend for the football despite traffic.

    BEST TRAIT - Contested Catch Ability

    WORST TRAIT - Functional Strength

    BEST FILM - Maryland (2018)

    WORST FILM - Ohio State (2018)

    RED FLAGS - 2018 Concussion

    Zach Gentry is a seam-buster Tight End prospect who has attractive size and mobility to be considered a receiving asset at the next level. His height will serve as a natural barrier to playing with necessary functional strength, but when Gentry is placed into space and allowed to work vertically he does strong work against linebackers and safeties. Gentry may never be a featured full-time TE but his skills have a place at the next level as a receiving threat.